Stupidity Alert! The page you are about to read is about something extremely stupid. Side effects of reading this page include nausea, explosion of the brain, brain cell decay and madness. Proceed at your own risk.

YOLO is an acronym for 'You Only Live Once'. It was started in a song by the annoying rap noisemaker "Artist" Drake, which was about how he's so rich and how poor people actually need to work for their money, while some people just make noises. There are actually two different types of YOLO. There's the literal, sane version before Drake got to it, and there's the crazy version that Drake encourages.

What YOLO Actually MeansEdit


This is what YOLO actually means.

YOLO before Drake actually means that life is short, but you should do your best every day you're around because you don't know if you'll get another day. Fishfam applauds this YOLO. Most popular songs nowadays are just about YOLO.

What Most People Think YOLO MeansEdit

Most people like the post-Drake YOLO, which they think means that their life's short, so it's a good idea to jump off the Grand Canyon in a banana suit singing Taylor Swift and eating Oreos while riding an elephant that's wearing a fluffy pink tutu and updating their Facebook status. This way is insane.

Dealing With People Who Say YOLO Too MuchEdit

The easiest way to deal with people who say YOLO too much is to kill them. If you get in trouble for doing it, you can always just say you were proving their point.