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Their page about us.

The Dictator at The Biased Hypocritical Segregation Wiki THINKS he has a better article about The Biased Hypocritical Segregation Wiki (BHSW), if you can believe it. (What did you think, that we would link you to it? HA HA HA HA HA- No. Do it yourself.)
The Biased Hypocritical Segregation Wiki (BHSW) is a terrible, arrogant organization that tries to be "biased" and "funny", but is completely inferior to this Glorious Dictatorship. It was founded on December 30, 2011 by The Conniving Riolu. This organization is this Glorious Dictatorship's sworn enemy, and they live with the inferior thought that this flimsy nincompoop who thinks he can play tennis is of amazing power, and that Michael Phelps is their subordinate. Their background skin is also very ugly. They even have a page about us, in which they say we're "The epitome of everything bad on the internet" and that we're a "waste heap". Look who's talking, Riolu. We will have revenge.


This supposedly "biased" evil group was started as a joke on another wiki between a Pokemon, an insect, and a random human by the name of Klintrin. They should all be destroyed without mercy with the Death Star. It started in late December 2011, but fell into inactivity until sometime in 2012, where it picked up. This wiki is already larger (not to mention better) than them.

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