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Aunt Jemima

Taylor Swift, the hideous pop singer.

Taylor Swift is a annoying American pop and country noisemaker singer who sounds like a dying animal. She also likes dating and breaking up with untalented pop stars, which always ends up becoming her next hit song. She was dating Harry Styles (AKA 'Hair Styles') of One Direction last time we checked, but we're sure that by now she's with someone else. Her last name (which is probably just a stage name) makes it sound like she is swift, although in truth she is so slow someone with chains weighing tons could answer the door for pizza faster then she could. Skulduggery773 is her biggest fan, yet if she ever dates him, we have a feeling he won't be anymore.

The Basis Of All Her SongsEdit

Just broke up with some dude.

It's all his fault.

I'm perfect so it wasn't my fault.

I'm gonna go date some other guy and repeat the cycle which will result in another multimillion dollar pop hit and get me more moolah.

And just remember, we will never, ever, ever, get back together.

Seems legit.

The FallacyEdit

The only problem with the guys that she dates are that they were stupid enough to date her in the first place. They should have known that all she wanted was money and more situations to base her songs off of.