Starbucks Coffee Company is a coffee company started in Seattle, Washington. It sells horribly overpriced edible items, and still expects you to tip the cashiers. They size their beverages (as they're only vaguely reminiscent of coffee, as, in fact, their caramel macchiato-whatever is just steamed milk with a shot of expresso) in seemingly reversed order. They call their smallest size "tall". (Tall is apparently "8 oz." in Italian.) It was master-minded by Barack Obama, Hugo Chavez and Google in an insidious money grab. If you go there and order normal coffee, the employees will shoot you evil looks because you aren't buying a fancy-shmansy sugar-loaded mocha-caramel-macchiato-expresso excuse for edible drinks that Starbucks arrogantly calls "coffee". Whenever Fishfam goes there, he always gets a "grandé" (medium) hot chocolate, and when the cashiers start to shoot him the aforementioned evil looks because he failed to order something fancy, he asks for extra whip cream on top as to sate the said employees hunger for that extra $.30. The kinds of people who go to Starbuck are snobs with MacBook Airs who sit around wasting their day, such as Fishfam's mom. Except she only has the original 2009 MacBook, and she's not a snob.
Starbucks rebellion

The Starbucks icon, rebelling against Obama's gun laws.