His hands don't even match his skeleton head.

Skulduggery773 (AKA Skul The Annoying) is a guy on the LEGO Message Boards whose ego is bigger than his own house. (It's so big it takes 14,582 Stack N' Store Storage complexes to hold the parts that won't fit in his bedroom, attic, basement, backyard and living room.) He will do whatever it takes to get attention, including asking to be banned, pretending to retire, spamming, and even deleting an account for no reason and creating a new one. The LEGO Message Board Moderators have an extreme bias towards him, although it is unknown why. He lives in Canada, which means he's probably somehow related to Justin Bieber (maybe he even has his own ductape). He can't stand the idea of anyone ever being anything close to as good as he is, which is why he spams to get likes and spams edits to get badges. He is also Taylor Swift's biggest fan, which explains his attitude. Anyone would act like that under the influence of her evil "music".