Linda Riolu Leterrible.

Linda Riolu Leterrible (AKA Rio The Terrible, The Conniving Rio, Riolu, That Guy, Him, The Djokovic Fan, et infinitum) is the 15 year old tennis-obsessed Denverian Dictator of The Biased Hypocritical Segregation Wiki (BHSW). This creature is powered and mostly controlled by that guy, explaining his unhealthy and idiotic obsession over such a flimsy tennis player bribing the opponent being victorious.


Linda never really liked his first name (which was given to him because until birth, the doctors were convinced he was a girl), so he went known as Riolu to all foolish enough to not know his horrible full name. He is always fed dirt, and is lucky to find an earthworm in his food. He studi... No, wait, he didn't study. He claims to be knowledgeable in the arts of Geography and of Complex Words, yet, every time he showcases such abilities online, he is actually being controled by a hamster being helped by his dad using the Google search bar and Wikipedia.