Minecraft is a horribly addicting, massively multiplayer online game created by Markus Persson. It has way too many different versions, for example, Pocket Mode. It is both overly priced and overly played. There is no plot or storyline, and the only point of playing it is to lose your real life by getting hopelessly addicted. Even Your Glorious And Powerful Dictator admits to owning the game on his iPad, if only to get his addicted brother to stop yapping about it whenever he plays.

Gameplay SummaryEdit

This game is totally, completely, and wholly pointless. Playing it is simple. You build blocks, you mine blocks, you walk... and you fly. You also fight monsters like zombies, Creepers and mutated pigs.


Minecraft is a host to horrible parodies of horrible noise popular songs. There are at least a million 5 different Gangnam Style Parodies, and various for other "songs" as well. Most of the song substitute words like Creeper or Pig , for the word, LOVE.

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