Miakittymoon, an especially annoying Moderator.

The LEGO Message Board Moderators are the dictators of the LEGO Message Boards. They treat none with respect, and will often brainwash new users into believing they are nice and that they peacefully rule the Message Boards. They moderate all posts, and will reject any that say anything disparaging about them in any way, shape or form. They over-react and attack you with their perfect grammar if you say/do something wrong.


They talk in a very formal matter, which is idiotic, considering that LEGO is a toy designed for children, and half of the people on the Boards don't even understand what they are saying. Of course, as the dictators they are, their posts do not require moderation. Fishfam most likely would want them burnt in a fire. And actually, that opinion is shared by a very large number of users. The mods knew how much the users liked the second version of the LEGO Message Boards, and as was expected from such heartless beings, they removed them and made a horrible revamp of the MBs. There were a few good Moderators, but they were fired or quit. No good moderators remain today.

List of ModeratorsEdit

  • Miakittymoon
  • WhiteAlligator
  • Aguarios
  • Keighlian
  • Mojo_Sansibar
  • wildbunchz
  • oceanbella
  • stevensbike
  • admin
  • IrrationalSeagull
  • And, the "Supreme Mod Commander"... Dora the Explorer, which explains how moderators, being humans, can reach such level of idiocy. Wait, no, was it Twilight Sparkle? Well, we're sure it isn't Winnie.