Scary Bieber.

Justin bieber

Justin Beiber and his annoying hair.

Justin Bieber is a Canadian pop "singer" and idiot heartthrob. His first hit song, "Baby" drove otherwise perfectly intelligent people crazy while it was on the charts. His hair is worshipped by his "beliebers", and it is unfairly called "Bieber Hair" when John Lennon had it 60 years prior. Certain Canadians, such as AravisOfNarnia, feel the need to apologize for his existence. One other Canadian doesn't even call the evil singer a Canadian. According to his beliebers, he writes "music", a fact completely untrue. His greatest secret is that the members of One Direction are all his cousins. He's also related to the evil Skulduggery773. A stupid fact about him is that his name is spelled, "Bieber" Which makes it sound like a mix between "Pie", and "Baby". No one really cares about the spelling so no one bothers to say it that way. He makes people sign forms when they come to his parties, and if anyone breaks one of his "rules", he can sue them for $50,000 dollars. He probably just uses the money on more hair gel.

Rise to PowerEdit

He was discovered as a singer when imitating a girl at a bar, and he soon became one. All of the intellectuals (And even some of those of lower intellect) regret that he was ever born. They also hope that he gets incarcerated in North Korea gets his vocal cords surgically removed.

His HairEdit

It looks like the rear-end of a beaver. Enough said.