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How ugly can he get?

Hugo Chavez was a very ugly man. He was also the dictator of Venezuela, under pretense of being the president. He didn't care about anyone, and nobody was even sure if he's human. He was a Socialist, and had a VERY large pimple/mole/zit/thing in the top left part of his big, ugly face, which he's conveniently covering up with his hand in the picture to the right. He died of "voice cancer" (it was really an excess of tacos and burritos) on March 5, 2012. He even had his own ugly, deformed, George-Bush-insulting doll.


Hugo was born in 1954. He says he was born in Venezuela, but he was really born in Moscow, Russia (Then the USSR). There, he was apprenticed under the supposedly dead Joseph Stalin. Among his fellow pupils were Sergey Brin and Barack Obama, who became his best friends. Once Stalin actually died in 1974, Hugo, Barrack and Sergey went separate ways. Hugo stayed in the USSR, where he learn Communist politics. On December 25, 1991, the USSR broke up. The new anti-Communism leaders cast Hugo out of newly renamed Russia, so he moved to Venezuela. In 1992, he got introduced to Venezuelan politics, and became the "president" in 1999. He is dead as of March 5th, 2013, but that's probably gonna change sometime soon.


He was a terrible president. He was selfish, yet somehow people in Venezuela didn't complain (we suspect the secret police were threatening them and telling them to stay quiet). At a UN meeting in New York City, he insulted George Bush by saying he smelled odorous.