Google Logo

Google's insidious logo

Google is Apple, Inc.'s lead competitor. This heinous and horrifically evil company secretly desires to rule the world with supposedly "superior" technology, such as Google Glass and Google Robots, and with variations of their logo, also called Google logos based on paintings made by 4-year-olds Doodles. Novak Djokovic, Barack Obama and Hugo Chavez are Google Robots. Nobody can prove otherwise.

Evil PlotEdit

Google plans to take over the world by 2050, with Sergey Brin as the dictator. In 2014, Google Glass, supposed to have the power of total brainwashing, is scheduled to be released. By 2035, Google Government will have replaced the U.S. government, and then the rest of the world in 2045 or later.


Google isn't, as was expected, just a search engine. They are the biggest tyrants, and try to rule the world for no reason, swarming us with products They rule several sub-companies, as they call them, such as Android cellphones, which  they may use as a weapon against mankind later. They also have a secret lab in Yugoslavia, where they develop nuclear weaponry their "complex" inventions. They then use innocent peoples' idiocy to make them buy their products, and it works far too well for Fishfam's tastes.

Android OS Named After FoodEdit

Google has a strange yet evil habit of naming their next Android OS update after delicious food items, such as Ice Cream Sandwich, Doughnut, KitKat and Jelly Bean. This is so that stupid people will think the devices are these foods, which then drives business through the roof of Googleplex, which isn't that high to be frank.