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Barack Obama, the 44th President of The United States of America. As seen here, he's talking about the 99%. That's why he has the look on his face.

Barack Saddam Hussien Osama Obama is the 44th and current dictator President of the United States of America. Born on August 4th, 1967 in Nairobi, Kenya, Honolulu, Hawaii, Obama is the first Communist African American to hack his way to presidency to be elected President. He is currently is his second term of dictatorship presidency. He thinks he is very cool, though everyone knows as a certainty that he isn't. The only thing that allowed him to win the 2012 election against Nobody and Mitt Romney was the fear factor. Being a Democrat, he covertly wants to bomb every Republican's house, including Fishfam's. When his term is over, Fishfam will be very relieved, as will that random girl and Fishfam's other epic friend, even though the latter is a Canadian. It is said that Satan died in 1967 and was reincarnated as Barack Obama.

Early LifeEdit

Born Barack Hussien Kijinga in Kenya, he was forced to move to the Soviet Union in 1977, at age 10. There, he became the apprentice of Joseph Stalin. He became friends with Hugo Chavez and Sergey Brin, also apprentices of Stalin's. In late 1991, the USSR fell apart, so he moved to Iraq and met Osama bin Laden, who became his best friend. Osama told Kijinga that he should take over the United States as president. Kijinga knew he needed a new last name, because he thought that "Kijinga" (meaning "stupid" in Swahili) was to African. So, he took bin Laden's first name, changed the S to a B, and made it his last name.