Disney Ad

You're going to need a golden oak to afford this.

Advertisement Messages (or ads) are idiotic and utterly useless bits of pages, which nobody bothers to read, but they take up space in the website, preventing you from seeing properly. They are annoyances, and whoever disagrees should be assumed stupid.

Categories of adsEdit

As everything, ads have categories. These include, but are not limited to:

Extremely expensive stuffEdit

These kind of ads feature ridiculously high prices for certain products. iPads and Google Glass are prime examples. They are annoying, because, deep inside, you know you wish you could buy them.

Beauty tip adsEdit

Those ads that say: "Hey, if you follow our tutorials and buy all our products you will lose weight! And your face will look better!" and that kind of idiotic comments, when actually, their stuff can only make you worse (so that you'll buy even more of their products as to make you pretty/handsome) and give you a depression.

Worthless stuff you won't useEdit

These ads attempt to get you to buy there products by doing a "special offer" when really it's not even worth half that much and it's either cheap Chinese plastic, or secretly overpriced. Fake Chinese LEGO ripoffs and special edition $2 dollar bills ($19.99) are examples.